• Do you offer a Photo Booth? Yes, we have a fun photo booth with all of our wedding photography options, there is also an option to print the photos on the evening and give out to your guests.
  • Do you travel throughout South Africa and overseas for weddings? Yes absolutely, we are destination wedding photographers and are available for travel across South Africa & abroad. Please contact us to find out more about having us there to photograph your destination wedding.



  • Do you photograph Indian, Jewish, Greek, Afrikaans, Venda, Portuguese, Gay/Lesbian etc. Weddings? Yes absolutely, we photograph all weddings regardless of race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We love people and believe that everyone deserves to be treated the same and to receive the same top quality service and images.
  • Do you offer video? Yes, we offer short 3-5 minute cinematic highlights of your wedding day. Contact us for more information.
  • Do you charge for travel, and if so how much? For weddings in Joihannesburg & Pretoria, travel is included, thereafter we charge R5 per km. Weddings 2  hours away we require 1 night accommodation, and more than 3 hours we require 2 nights accommodation.  Weddings that require air travel we require a rental car for the duration of our stay, and accommodation for 2.
  • Do you give unedited or raw images? No, we have very high quality standards when it comes to our images leaving our studio and we want them to be print ready and of the highest quality for you.
  • Do you require seating and meals at our wedding? Yes, we require seating and meals for 2 people. The seating & meals need to be the same as the guests.
  • How many images do we get on USB? For your wedding you’ll receive 600+ images, and for a 2 hour engagement/portrait session you will receive around 60+ images on a beautifully packaged USB.